Hot New Android Phone- Samsung Galaxy S- Will Launch of 4 Major US Carriers
Kevin William Grant
Published on
December 31, 2020

The hot new Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S will be launching on the US carrier T-Mobile. Forbes is suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S will actually end up on all four major US carriers in 2010. These include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Mark McKechnie, an analyst from Broadpoint.AmTech, believes that the Samsung Galaxy S will launch on Verizon “sometime later in the year.”

In Canada the Samsung Galaxy 5 will be offered by Bell, and as usual there’s a small heaping of price plans to go along with it, depending on the length of time you’re willing to sign over to the company.

McKechnie goes on to discuss why Samsung are releasing with all carriers. He suggests it is because they do not have the same brand strength in the US to lock-down an exclusive deal. Comparisons were made to Apple or Motorola, and in the states this is possibly true.

The up-side for Samsung is that their Android smartphone will be available to a larger target audience. This is something that the Google Nexus One failed to do adequately. Great news for the Android platform. Everyone is talking about this device in the market. It's becoming as hot to talk about as the iPhone used to be. And it looks like an iPhone, of course.