Commentary: Olympic Opening Ceremonies Leaked from iPhones

The opening ceremony of any Olympic games are always a closely guarded secret until the big event takes place; this was also true for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. However, there are always people who try to spoil the anticipation, by breaching security by recording rehearsals on their iPhone.

February 12 2010 was the start of the Vancouver Olympics and marked the first time that the opening ceremonies were held indoors. According to Reuters, organizers have been finding it hard to stop people from giving away information about the opening ceremonies. Over 3 billion people watched the spectacle.

The 2010 Winter Olympics were a big deal; even Google has got in on the action with a Doodle on their homepage. Keeping a lid on big opening events like this is getting harder each year. This has become even more difficult with mobile Facebook and mobile Twitter, which are directly accessible from any smartphone device.