Mobile App Development Companies in Toronto (October 2012)


  • Product:  Any organization that has released an app that meets one of the following minimum criteria: 1) 1,000 downloads, 2) 25 total ratings, 3) $10,000 in revenue.  Companies that do not have an app that meets this criteria can still be considered a services organization.
  • Services: Services organization are any company whose work with clients on mobile products and services.
  • Platform: A platform organization produces one app across multiple platforms. In many cases, where the platform is mobile-web based. This does not include companies that build mobile-optimized or mobile-friendly websites.
  • Hybrid:  A hybrid organization makes both services and platforms (as defined above) and also completes projects with clients.


  • Agencies who use PhoneGap, Titanium or another cross-platform mobile framework to create “native” apps across multiple platforms are excluded.
  • Hobby developers in the city that have released apps under a company name are excluded.
  • Startups that are beyond a 50 km radius of downtown Toronto are excluded.
Company Name Business Model GTA Region iOS Android WP7 HTML5
21 Logs Product North York        
Animated Media Product Toronto        
Black Optek Services Toronto        
Blu Trumpet Platform Toronto        
BNotions Services Toronto        
Brisk Mobile Services Mississauga        
Broadplay Hybrid Toronto        
Claystone Inc. Product Toronto        
Clearbridge Mobile Services Woodbridge        
Clip Mobile Product Toronto        
DesignAxiom Product Toronto        
DevBBQ Services Burlington        
Dexterity Mobile Services Toronto        
Endloop Mobile Services Toronto        
EventMobi Platform Toronto        
Filament Lab Services Toronto        
Fluid Trends Services Toronto        
Fresh Grown Apps Services Toronto        
Gazoo Mobile Services Toronto        
Guardly Product Toronto        
Halogen Mobile Services Toronto        
iAppDev Services Toronto        
Indusblue Services Toronto        
iT Guy Technologies Services Toronto        
Joshi Inc. Services Etobicoke        
JUICE Mobile Services Toronto        
Mako Interactive Services Toronto        
Mercatus Product Toronto        
My City Lives Product Toronto        
NuLayer Services Toronto        
OK Grow Services Toronto        
Plastic Mobile Services Toronto        
Playground Inc. Hybrid Toronto        
Polar Mobile Platform Toronto        
Pressly Product Toronto        
Public Leaf Product Toronto        
Quatrian Inc. Product Richmond Hill        
Red Bit Development Services Toronto        
Ripe Apps Services Toronto        
Rocket 5 Studios Product Toronto        
Rocketr Product Toronto        
Seregon Solutions Inc Product Toronto        
ShopCatch Product Toronto        
Tapgage Platform Toronto        
Teehan+Lax Hybrid Toronto        
The Working Group Services Toronto        
Three Red Cubes Services Toronto        
Tiny Hearts Product Scarborough        
Uken Games Product Toronto        
Vital Hub Product Toronto        
Winston Product Toronto        
Xtreme Labs Hybrid Toronto        
zinc Roe Design Product Toronto