Devices: Rumoured iPhone 4G Specifications and Images
In late January 2010 there have been many rumours about the upcoming Apple iPhone 4G device. This article gives you some insight into the rumoured specifications and offers some, so called, leaked product images of the new device. Looks like it will be thinner, sleeker, faster, and more feature rich with much improved battery life and Flash support.

It's been iPhone 4G rumour central recently.

Rumor 1:

The iPhone 4G will be getting a new and a slightly larger Sim card tray.

Rumor 2:

iPhone 4G will be getting Flash as pointed by the rumoured specifications.

More Rumoured Specifications

  • Aesthetically, iPhone 4G will look similar to iPhone 3GS. However it will be 10% thinner than iPhone 3GS.
  • Improved Battery life
  • Revamped iPhone OS
  • Improved and OptimizedPush support
  • Flash support, provided Adobe can complete this work in time
  • Tougher anti-jailbreaking measures (for hacking into the phone)
  • SIM card tray

Release details:

  • iPhone 4G will be launched in U.S only (it is expected that it will eventually go global)
  • iPhone 4G will be officially released in the middle of 2010
  • One more interesting thing to note is the possibility of an Apple-Verizon partnership. This claim gets stronger when you consider the statement made by Verizon’s CEO regarding a potential Apple-Verizon partnership.

Below are some leaked photographs of the device that were being freely distributed on a number of mobile websites. There is not guarantee these images or specs are accurate, it's all pure rumour and speculation but it's fun to dream about the next new and improved iPhone. If the rumours live up to the reality, the iPhone is going to be taking a step forward with Flash support and improved battery life (two important fixes).