iPhone 4 hits major markets and the demand is off the scale
Kevin William Grant
Published on
December 31, 2020

Apple's newest iPhone began selling in the US on Thursday June 24th 2010. The new iPhone will come to Canada later in July 2010. Thousands lined up outside U.S. as well as stores around the world to grab one before supplies run out. Apple has been selling out of new devices because demand far outstrips the product manufacturing capacity.

The new iPhone, the fourth since the 2007 original, is thinner with a better-resolution screen and longer battery life. It features a new operating system that can also be installed on some older models, such as the 3GS, along with cameras on both sides to permit face-to-face video calls. Cool...

Some stores including ones in Tokyo, Miami, San Francisco and Charlotte, N.C., sold out within hours as the iPhone 4 went on sale in the U.S., France, Germany, the U.K. and Japan. Apple called the demand for the phone “off the charts” and said it’s working hard to get phones into customers’ hands as quickly as possible.

More than 600,000 people had rushed to pre-order iPhones on the first day they were available. On Apple’s website, new orders weren’t promised for delivery until July 14.

Those who didn’t place an iPhone 4 order had to line up outside Apple stores and customers in line were left guessing about whether they’d get one. There is a growing frustration with all the Hype around Apple's new product releases and a the lack of full supply to back up the launch. It's turning into a marketing game that people are growing weary of.

From Cherry Hill, N.J. to San Francisco, Apple employees continued the tradition of providing bottled water, coffee, bagels and even cupcakes. In downtown Chicago, several customers waited overnight through severe thunderstorms and even defied tornado sirens that wailed around the city. To keep the die-hard iPhone fans dry, the store handed out black umbrellas with white Apple logos.

Depending on the amount of storage, the iPhone 4 sells for $199 (USD) or $299 (USD) with a two-year contract. Pricing in Canada is not confirmed at this time.

At the Apple store in Tokyo’s swanky Ginza shopping district, a man dressed as a giant iPhone danced and waived his arms as he made it to the front of the line. Alex Lee, 27, flew to London from Dubai to join the 500-person-long line along Regent Street. Insanity- or good Apple Marketing. Who knows.