Demand for iPads sees Apple stores sell out-- 3G + Wi-Fi Versions Sold Out Fastest

Some Apple stores in Canada and Australia sold out of the 3G version of the iPad, and staff were telling customers they did not know when new stock would arrive. This is a fairly significant piece of advice, people want the freedom of the un-tethered iPad, and Wi-Fi didn't cut it.

Apple's flagship Australian store in Sydney had hundreds of the iPads with WiFi connectivity but none of the versions that are WiFi and 3G enabled. The same trend was found at the Eaton Centre store in Toronto Canada. The 3G versions were selling and with Wi-Fi only versions collecting dust.

With the WiFi iPad, users can connect to the internet via wireless networks but the dual WiFi and 3G enabled iPad - like a mobile phone - can also be used on cellular networks. That is the whole reason for the iPad, small light and always available computing. The device has been accepted for what it is, a truly mobile computer rather than a Wi-Fi surfing home device. This is surprising and also quite significant from a user acceptance standpoint.

The 3G versions cost about $200 more than the iPads with WiFi connectivity only.

There was bigger demand than anticipated for the 3G model and nobody knows when they will have more stock. Apple shipped out all the devices they could internationally but demand has outstripped availability. Apple has a huge hit on their hands. Even in the more price conscious International markets. Canada was expected to be cautious to accept the iPad, this has not been the case based on the sales evidence.

At the Toronto Eaton Centre Store in Canada, it was the biggest couple of days they had as a company and they have put on more staff and they probably could have used twice as many.

In Australia, the Melbourne shop probably did one-third of its monthly turnover in one day. According to the manager.

There was also a trend for customers to return the next day to stock up on accessories, such as carry cases, keyboards and camera connection kits. Accessories are what is helping drive sales too. Very much like the iPod...

Canadian newspaper "The Globe and Mail" had a very disappointing iPad hacked together App. Which was half iPad and half website slapped together rapidly. I hope the next version is a significant improvement. They called it "Globe 2 Go". There is room for some competition to bring some great apps to market for news and Information in Canada.

The Australian's iPad application, presently the only news app offered by an Australian newspaper, remained popular in the iTunes store. For $4.99 a month, iPad subscribers can read The Australian, including real-time news updates. New sections as well as picture galleries and video reports will be rolled out over the coming months.

The iPad has spawned an industry of parasite products, with users rushing to purchase custom-made cases and clothing. It's a revolution and it's here.