How hackers can hack your iPhone

Although Apple is advertising native apps with watchOS 2, it isn’t as ‘native’ as some developers wanted or expected. The logic code now runs on the watch, but raw access to the user interface is still not allowed on watchOS 2.

This means frameworks like UIKit cannot be used to draw truly custom UI. Instead developers must rely on the same techniques employed with current WatchKit apps that revolve around image sequences to create more interesting effects.

In the demo, video embedded below, the team managed to get a fully interactive 3D object running on the Apple Watch powered by Apple’s SceneKit framework.

Hack That Add A Browser to the Apple Watch

Web browsing may not have been what Apple had in mind with the launch of its first wearable, but one savvy developer hacked the Watch OS to surf the net.

Apple iOS jailbreaker and former Cupertino intern Comex posted a video showing his successful modification.

Unlike most Apple products, the new Watch does not come with a built-in Safari browser. But that didn't stop Comex, who captioned his video, "I always wanted a Web browser on my wrist."

The outcome, however, leaves something to be desired: Based on the short clip, it's nearly impossible to scroll around the Google Search page. Only a small segment of the display is viewable, and there's no keyboard. The point, however, is that Apple Watch hacks are possible.

This could be a first step toward a jailbreak of the high-tech smartwatch.