Google Enhances their Image Search To Work Flawlessly on iPhone and Android Smartphones

How often do you search for images on Google mobile? Probably not that often at this time. If you do, you would have been annoyed by how hard it is to scroll through image thumbnails on your Android 2.1 phones or iPhone. Well, say goodbye to the old ways and welcome the newly refurbished Google Image Search for mobile which was just rolled by Google.

When you see the thumbnail images, you’d noticed that these were squared to maximize the number of images that can be displayed on the small screen of the iPhone or any Android 2.1 devices. In addition, you can also now do the swipe gesture to scroll through the next or previous pages of search results. Or even tap the large, stationary “next” and “previous” page buttons. Finally,loading speed has been enhanced for snappy image and page loading.

Google Images iPhone Screen Shots

When you view the images on the mobile search results pages, this is now made larger through a special image viewing page. You can also easily browse through the images by swiping from picture to picture, just like how you normally do it when browsing for photos on your iPhone Camera library or Android photo gallery.

To try Google’s new image search for mobile, simply point your phone’s browser to and tap on the “images” link. This feature is available in 38 languages worldwide.