Facebook's Help Page Dispelling Common Myths But Leaves You Wondering, Houston There's A Problem...

Anthony De Rosa (Reuters social media editor) pointed us to what appears to be a new section in Facebook’s help centre which addresses the many commonly myths about Facebook. It is clear that the brand is seriously distrusted because they have to devise an entire help section dedicated to dispelling the many reported privacy issues.

The vast majority of the questions relate to privacy issues–the eternal thorn in the company’s side–and how Facebook uses the troves of personal data mined from its users. Some examples:

  • Do advertisers have access to my personal information?
  • What personal information is shared with sites that use social plugins?
  • Does Facebook sell my information?

Facebook says the answer to all of these answers is “no”. This is technically true but all the FAQs leaves some wiggle room. After all, Facebook may not sell your information, but it damn sure does sell ads based on your information. Isn't that pretty close to the same thing.

Another myth the new section addresses is “Can people see my private messages on my timeline?”, which was undoubtedly spawned by Monday’s fracas, when users across the web began reporting that they were seeing private messages crop up on their timelines. Facebook refuted these claims, but this has done little to comfort the paranoid users who have come to deeply distrust this social network powerhouse.