Canadians Moving Quickly to Online Shopping as Online Retailers Innovate and Disrupt

Canada Post research finds Canadians are vey quickly converting from retail shopping to online shopping.

New data from Canada Post to be presented in May 2015 found that about 76 per cent of Canadian households shopped online in 2014.


A quarter of Canadian online shoppers have become frequent shoppers, which means they're buying on the Internet four to 10 times per year.

These online Canadian online shoppers are broadening the types of purchases they are making online (Etail Canada retail conference in Toronto).

Canada Post found that shoppers will buy products online they wouldn't have a few years ago, including toys and games, which saw shipments rise by 37 per cent in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same time a year earlier.

Canada Post reports Strong Parcels Shipment Growth

The increasing popularity of online shopping, especially in the business-to-consumer e-commerce delivery market, led to another year of strong Parcels growth for Canada Post.

In 2014, revenue from our Parcels line of business increased by $120 million or 8.6% while Parcels volumes increased by 7 million pieces or 4.6% in 2014, compared to 2013.

Canada Post's very successful 2014 fourth quarter, propelled by a very successful holiday season, which boosted Parcels revenue and volumes by $41 million or 7.5% and 3 million pieces or 5.2% respectively compared to 2013.

New Canada Post Flex Delivery Service: Adding Easy Delivery Location Flexibility and Security

Canada Post has launched FlexDelivery so busy shoppers can direct online purchases to any post office they choose, anywhere in Canada. This is especially useful if a customer are never home when packages are typically delivered.

When shopping online, shoppers enter one of their FlexDelivery addresses rather than their home address. When the item has arrived at their chosen post office, they’ll get an email telling them it’s ready for pickup.

Customers choose their preferred post office locations and receive their unique identification code and a FlexDelivery address to use for each location. For example, shoppers can direct the package to a post office near work and pick it up on their lunch break.

Best Buy Pushes Online Shopping to the Next Level

Best Buy is taking an extra step when it launches its ship-from-store option on the

The feature is intended to breathe new life into its 192 stores across the country by making them tiny distribution centres.

When a customer can't find the item they want in the Best Buy website inventory, they still have the option of getting it shipped from a store.

Best Buy ”will make any product available to any customer at any time”. (Thierry Hay-Sabourin, vice-president of e-commerce for Best Buy Canada, Etail Canada retail conference in Toronto).

Best Buy's recently-announced Marketplace e-commerce platform will begin operating before the 2015 holiday shopping season.

Each Best Buy store would allow customers to return or exchange items they purchased online from third-party vendors (Thierry Hay-Sabourin, vice-president of e-commerce for Best Buy Canada, Etail Canada retail conference in Toronto).

This gives Best Buy a competitive advantages they will have against Amazon and eBay, two of their largest competitive threats.

eTailer offer Cheaper and innovative Expedited Parcel Shipping Options

A big hurdle for retailers has been how larger products are shipped to the homes of customers who want their purchases fast, but don't necessarily want to pay the high fees associated with expedited parcels.

Online retailers are now offering e-commerce customers more options, such as picking up items in parcel lockers inside their stores or through depots that speeds up the shipping process.