Canada Is Ranked Third in World for Tech Acquisitions

More than 2,200 private technology companies were acquired around the world in 2012. According to a new report from CB Insights, Canada was the third-most active country in the world for acquisitions, only the US and UK are ahead of Canada.

The US led the list, with Google and Facebook acquiring a dozen private companies, many of which were talent acquisitions. Silicon Valley, accounted for the bulk of America's acquisitions in both deals and dollars—more than three times the deals are solidified in New York.

Because Canada has only 10% of the population of North America, it hit the number one spot. Canada "has a lot of momentum as of late on both the financing and exit front." Third is an impressive slot for Canada.

CB Insights says that, remarkably, more than three-quarters of all tech companies acquired last year did not raise any venture capital, instead sustaining themselves solely on profits and funding from friends, family, and private angel invstors. Thirty percent of the deals accounted for 80% of the total value of transactions.