Apple likely to slow down Google from releasing it's new map app for iOS 6

Google is planning to release it's own maps app for the iPhone and iPad after Apple decided to ditch Google Maps from iOS 6 to launch it's own map app.

It is rumoured that Google is now going to fight back with its own app - if Apple approves it in the iTunes App Store. Apple could play dirty and block Google from launching it's own map app.

Google has been working on the app for months, even before Apple launched it's map app  in June 2012. To have an app in the iTunes app store, the app must be approved by Apple. Apple has many rules related to apps that compete with existing iOS functionality. It is quite easy for Apple to block Google using these rules as the justification.

Maps are a money making business for both Google and Apple because of the revenue maps generates from advertisers who want to appear in geo-targeted searches.

More rumours suggest that Google has recently submitted their map app to the iTunes App Store for approval. The Google map app is expected to be free.

No official statement has been made by either Google or Apple, but Apple holds all the cards firmly in it's hands.

Apple's failed map app would be obliterated if Google launched a competing map app that has significantly better content accuracy. Google has better content with accurate data. Google has a serious advantage over Apple which means that Apple will likely do everything in it's power to delay Google from releasing a map app for iOS in the short-term. Apple may be buying themselves some time.

Google's voice app has been delayed by Apple for over a year because it competes with Siri. So the precedent has been set by Apple and the same cards will likely be played for Google's map app.