Android 3.0 SDK will be release in late November or Early December

Considering the six month launch schedule Google promised fro Android, we should start seeing Gingerbread popping up sometime in the next month or so. A rumour found on AndroidPolice, however, is placing the SDK of the next Android release, Gingerbread, at next week.

According to AndroidPolice, sources close to the core Android team say the team is ready to publicly launch the SDK as early as next week. That means we’ll start seeing just what features 3.0 (or possibly 2.5) will have in store for us. The strange part is that will put Gingerbread about a month ahead of schedule, though it will still probably be a while after the SDK that the average user will be able to play around with the next version.

Possibilities for Gingerbread include an improved interface, perhaps something that can compete with the myriad skins that companies like HTC, Motorola and Samsung place over the OS. A new interface would supposedly makes those skins unnecessary, which would be nice. Other improvements could come in the form of better gaming and actual tablet support. Improved tablet support (or any, actually) would make the fast-tracking reasonable. With the glut of Android tablets we’ve been seeing recently, it would only make sense that the OS would start to support them.

This would also put more pressure on manufacturers to get the latest Android builds out to customers. Does anybody really want to be stuck waiting for 2.2 when they start hearing about 3.0? That’s the reason why I left Android despite the interesting features of the platform, and I can’t be the only one.

Here are some of the rumored features that will most likely make Android 3.0 Gingerbread users happy on the Q4 2010 release date:

  • WebM playback (confirmed)
  • Improved Copy/Paste (confirmed)
  • Google Music integration
  • Revamped UI A 1280×760 pixel
  • resolution for screens larger than 4 inches
  • Media streaming from PC
  • 3D Gaming

Google’s rather recent acquisition of the 3D User Interface company called Bumptop (that by the way, showed some impressive multitouch potential) should be a very important component in the making of a 3D Gaming system for Android 3 Gingerbread, as well as a new interface for the OS. And if Sony is really building a Gingerbread powered PSP, it better be good.