Android and iPhone Numbers, Blackberry, and The Licensing of the BB10 OS

Research by Strategy Analytics has found that operating systems Android and iOS combined made up for a record 92 per cent of smartphones shipped in the fourth quarter of 2012. That leaves 8 per cent to RIM's BlackBerry, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and 8, and other lesser known software.

Android and iOS Numbers

Of the top two, the results also show that Android is by far the clear leader. Android drives many handsets from multiple manufacturers - iOS appears on only three or four current smartphones from Apple.

There were 152.1 million Android smartphones and 47.8 million iPhones shipped in Q4 2012.

479 million Android phones were shipped throughout 2012. This is double the 238.9 million sold in 2011.

Apple had a significant year-on-year rise in the smartphones it shipped, with 135.8 million in 2012, against 93 million in 2011. Apples numbers cannot compete with the huge growth of Android devices.

What The Numbers Say About Blackberry's Opportunity

These figures  prove that Blackberry has a major task ahead to gain market share with its new BlackBerry 10 operating system. Blackberry has to find a way to get a foothold in a market dominated by Apple, Google, and Microsoft (in a distant third position).

The Hope for Blackberry

Android shot to the top spot over two years. Blackberry could also gain market share quickly through mirroring Google's strategy. Blackberry's best bet could be to license it's BB10 OS.

It is my prediction that in 2013 Blackberry will license the BlackBerry 10 OS to other manufacturers and create a viable competitive business model. Time will tell.